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ZombieHell RPG CS:S / Re: 007_stack_css_tsm The final boss
« on: March 07, 2016, 01:13:31 pm »
Classic Hostile:
Most of the other maps we never play...

Some men just want to watch the world burn.
And then there is Hostile
    - sitting next to them
        - smiling and saying: Nah nah... Im fine... Im just roasting my marshmallows

ZombieHell RPG CS:S Bug Report / Re: Day 31 @ mentalhospital
« on: March 03, 2016, 12:19:09 pm »
I have the feeling (but no proof) that it MIGHT occure after servercrash. Cant remember such things after regular/rtv map change.
But again: Just because I dont remember any it doest mean there arent such bugs after map changes.

ZombieHell RPG CS:S Bug Report / Day 31 @ mentalhospital
« on: March 02, 2016, 04:26:41 pm »
Happened like the 3rd time to me. After server crash mentalhospital is the default map. It worked fine...  until... day 31 this time.

Supposed to be that clumsy splitting boss. Instead (at least sometimes) there is only 1 basic zombie (the weakest one - not the stalker albino). And he has his according hp count. I cant tell the exact number, but it takes only a single banana and the map is done.

[ZRiot] Saving RPG data...
 000000[ ff0000 Z RPG 000000] ffa500 You have received 840 XP for winning and staying alive!
 000000[ ff0000 Z RPG 000000] ffa500 You have received 4 XP for damage given to the boss!
 000000[ ff0000 Z RPG 000000] ffa500 You have received 75 XP for killing the boss!

I have to mention that I didnt just steal the kill. I was ninja and had the first - and only - contact. And you dont get just 4 XP for tenthousands of dmg...

Maybe you got an idea...

Nah, bringing up the rpg menu is intended. When the menu disppears (not used, revived, ...) I get it back by pressing a single button.
It also brings back my models (unless smoke active) and rpg menu gets refreshed.

Two birds with one stone

Maybe it a known fact, maybe its not. However Im greedy for some credits.... :>

For a long time - and from time to time - the first person weapon models tend to disappear. I think its mostly induced by zombonies respawning. Its also known that you can bring your models back by recording a short demo.

Just for this I used my very own ub3r 1337 h4x0r skr1p7 sk1llz:

bind "KEY" "record DEMONAME; say rpg; stop"

Feel free to use it if you want and are able to work with game console. Obviously you need to replace KEY with the actual key you want to bind it to. You can replace the DEMONAME with your actual demo name, but there is no need for that...

Back to topic...

Most of the time, this works. MOST...
The problem are those darn imaginary smoke grenades. Once they are "active" recording demos is being supressed. No demo, no models...

And now lets get to the ninja vanish. Now you may ask yourself "What does he mean with ninja vanish?? Ninjas cant vanish... erhm... can they??"
No, they cant. So lets just call it teleportation then. And only admins can teleport.
Thats exactly my point:
When admins teleport themselves to pre-set coordinates they leave small smoke clouds behind.
Person venishes in a smoke cloud... ninja venish... got it by now??
Even though those clouds disappear - I think - they leave some kind of (imaginary) smoke behind.

    (imaginary) smoke >> no demo >> no weapon models

Now you might think: "How did he come to that conclusion??" Easy...

Teleportation >> (later) models disappear >> demo failed due to "smoke grenade active"
Retried it for the rest of the day/round : skome grenade active
Retried at the very beginning of the next day/round : WORKED
Admin (Hostile) teleported himself away. Later that day/round my models disappeared again.
Tried to record a demo (for the rest do the day/round) : skome grenade active
Retried at the very beginning of the next day/round : WORKED

I guess you got the pattern...


From time to time my weapon models disappear:

MY GUESS: In some way the weapon models collide/interact with (respawning) zombony models.

Once an admin teleports himself no more demos can be recorded for the rest of the day/round

MY GUESS: Small smoke clouds from admin teleportations persists as imaginary smoke grenade for the rest of the day/round and supresses demo recordings

PS: Sometimes bots still leave a joining message.

Accepted / Re: Membership application
« on: February 06, 2016, 04:34:58 am »
Metamorphosis induced.

Time for mankind to wait until the >> Troll God << arises...

Please hold the line...

Accepted / Membership application
« on: February 04, 2016, 04:20:53 pm »
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:14819277
Steam Username: anathol_1990
Age: 25
Which server(s) do you play the most only: CS:S Zombie RPG
Are you you interested in competitive play: Nope, Im just playing for the LULZ and to chill out
Have you been a member of NotD before (previous name(s) and last time of play): Nope
Have you been banned from NotD before, if so please explain why: Nope
Any additional information about yourself:

Id like to be a watching eye on the RPG server. I only play on the CS:S RPG server because I dislike CS:GO. Usually I connect at about 20:00 UTC, meaning 1-2 hours before Hostile joins the game. This would fill a gap when player count rises without having an admin to watch out. This might be my niche.
I like to spice up the game a bit. Grinding can get boring sometimes. Thats why I like to make it a little more interesting. Teasing people who are willing to participate. There is no intention to grief. Right now I provide cades if needed. But when douches shoot the props the only thing I can do is burying them in tombstones - which I do quite often. :>
I also like to tease people by planting a single dryerbox in their way to slow them down a bit.

So my masterplan is:
1) Being the watching eye
2) Trashtalking
3) Spice up the game (if needed)

If my sense of teasing-fun is too hardcore for the position of an admin I might not be the right choice. Thats why there wont be any hard feelings if my application gets denied.

Community Suggestions / New setup and/or events for classic server
« on: August 08, 2015, 09:22:43 am »
Since it is usually (almost) empty I miss nice zomb-ass-kicking on classic server. You have to make it more attractive. Therefore events might me a good idea - just like 2x EXP on RPG server.
Ofc its pointless to double the EXP - because there are no such things as EXP on classic. So it has to be something special. My suggestion is to double credits you earn for spending time playing on the server, maybe even multiply them during the weekends/event.
Maybe its even possible to set up credit as bonus for winning a day.

e.g. Days 1  - 10 : 10 credits
      Days 11 - 20 : 15 credits
      Days 20+     :  20 credits

      Bosses: Doubled credits of the day span listed above
      Last Boss: 50

Just something like that. People arent motivated to join classic server, because they can farm exp on RPG. And that is boring ones a high-lvl-engineer joins the game. But please DO NOT NERF the cades or anything. The goal isnt to make RPG LESS attractive, but make classic MORE attractive.

Its so sad to see the classic server empty (almost) all the time. And NO, you cant do s**t with only 3-4 players there.

PS: English isnt my native language. So deal with it, grammar nazis.  :P

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