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Store FAQ
« on: January 07, 2014, 10:26:29 pm »

Welcome To The Store FAQ
1) What is the store? the store is our ingame credit system that allows you to add color, and trails to your in game character.
2) How do i get credits? 3 ways, Simply playing the game (5 credits per 5 minutes), donating*, or contests.
3) How do i use the store? You can access the store menu at anytime ingame by typing !store or !shop
4) How do i donate? Easy just goto the Donations Page select or type the amount you want to donate then click donate, once you donate please click Here to receive your claim code for credits

5*)So what are the credit values for donations?
This is how donations work,
$1=1200 credits, $10=12000 credits, $20=24000 credits, $30=37000 credits, $40=50000 credits, $50=63000 credits
$ amount x 1200=credits   any donations above $30 receive a bonus 1000 credits for every 10$
**Note all dollar amounts are in USD

6) Are there any bonus's, Yes, if you donate 10$ you will receive vip level 1 which gives you access to more tracers, chat tags, and effects, if you donate 20$ you will receive vip level 2. if you currently have vip level 1 and would like to get level 2 you can donate an addition 15$ instead of 20$ (please make a note in your post to receive credits)
VIP levels also give u bonus in game credits, 7 (per 5 mins) and 10 (per 5 mins) respectively

if you would like your donation to remain anonymous and still want credits just pm doom or myself
(this might result in slightly longer waiting times for credits)

The above are subject to change at anytime
always double check this post for the most recent info
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