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Author Topic: New setup and/or events for classic server  (Read 719 times)

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New setup and/or events for classic server
« on: August 08, 2015, 09:22:43 am »
Since it is usually (almost) empty I miss nice zomb-ass-kicking on classic server. You have to make it more attractive. Therefore events might me a good idea - just like 2x EXP on RPG server.
Ofc its pointless to double the EXP - because there are no such things as EXP on classic. So it has to be something special. My suggestion is to double credits you earn for spending time playing on the server, maybe even multiply them during the weekends/event.
Maybe its even possible to set up credit as bonus for winning a day.

e.g. Days 1  - 10 : 10 credits
      Days 11 - 20 : 15 credits
      Days 20+     :  20 credits

      Bosses: Doubled credits of the day span listed above
      Last Boss: 50

Just something like that. People arent motivated to join classic server, because they can farm exp on RPG. And that is boring ones a high-lvl-engineer joins the game. But please DO NOT NERF the cades or anything. The goal isnt to make RPG LESS attractive, but make classic MORE attractive.

Its so sad to see the classic server empty (almost) all the time. And NO, you cant do s**t with only 3-4 players there.

PS: English isnt my native language. So deal with it, grammar nazis.  :P
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Re: New setup and/or events for classic server
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2015, 12:12:12 pm »
Something like this would be a nice addition to draw in players for the classic server.

I try to keep an eye on it when I see more then 3 - 4 players, Mainly just to go in as another gun, or as a *cough* reviver, or for a bit of fun if it is a map like silent hill.

But this has got me thinking to keep the Run & Gun feel, but to give them more of a chance, maybe a revamp of the medic class. While playing in there I have noticed that a medic is a rare choice for players. and when someone does go to medic they get spammed with "HEAL!" msgs.

So what I been thinking about is remove the actual heal function and replace it with a 10 second timer for a 50% / 75% revive. For this I can see 2 options (if even possible) for this to be done.

1st would be the "use" key as it is with heal, but remove the portion that we see in the RPG server for an option list of who to revive, so that it just runs down the list reviving players players pretty much randomly.
This way it doesn't interfere with those that prefer to keep market up for quick rebuys.

2nd would be just an auto-revive. Same deal with the random revive.

With the revive, a message about who is about to come back to life would be useful (maybe something similar as an admin bomb count down).  The random revive would hopefully not just hit the same players over and over hopefully if they are dying too fast, but maybe an additional timer to lapse for a freshly revived player before they are able to be revived again.

As I am not a "coder" I am not sure how feasible this would be or how much work it would entail.

But for now, I will just do what I can to make the server more enjoyable without spoiling the players Run & Gun experience.