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Title: JDMGF8 * DKi114 [U:1:108688507]
Post by: crunchie on June 05, 2017, 03:15:59 am
Another kid that has nothing better to do than mouth off, rtv non-stop or just hog the server until you rtv (if you get killed first). If you don't camp with him (not farm, camp in a spot the zombies can't get to) he's just keep mouthing off or run around you to screw with your game. If that doesn't get a response, he'll RTV repeatedly.

A bunch of demos attached showing he just sits around to hog the server if you get killed first. They go on indefinitely (until you rtv or he can't escape a smoker), I just stop the demo so the files don't get massive. I have a few more demos if the attached aren't enough.


Title: Re: JDMGF8 * DKi114 [U:1:108688507]
Post by: dondki114 on June 16, 2017, 02:03:36 pm
crunchie  :'( your disappointing i expected more kindness from you.
anyhow you also forgot a piece of information im helping noobs out gain lvl ups, i die when im last
one alive while you engineer set cades for yourself and then destroy them if a player joins your "barrier base".